(Super Star x Natural Wonder)

Wonder is sired by Stellar and his dam is Neat. This was the second litter bred by Linda. When the first litter was born the timing was not perfect for Linda to keep one, but this time around she kept little Wonder dog.

Wonder Dog has followed in the footsteps of his sire, Stellar, and has been successful at all levels of national and international competition. In May of 2011, Linda and Wonder earned a Bronze Medal for the United States in the Individual Pentathalon at the first annual World Agility Open Championships, held in the United Kingdom.

Wonder Accomplishments

  • Represented USA WAO Team at World Agility Open Championships in Great Britain 2011
  • Represented USA at Americas and Caribbean Championships, Bogota, Columbia 2011
  • USDAA Reserve World Champion Grand Prix 2010 [link to KY video]
  • USDAA World Championship Grand Prix Finalist 2010
  • USDAA Steeplechase Championships Finalist 2011 [link to KY video]
  • USDAA World Champion Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament Finalist 2010, 2011
  • USDAA Grand Prix Regional Championship Winner [link to Perry video]
  • USDAA Steeplechase Regional Championship Winner (multiple)
  • USDAA DAM Regional Team Tournament Winner (multiple)
  • USDAA Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award
  • USDAA Platinum Tournament Master
  • USDAA Gold Standard Champion
  • USDAA Bronze Jumper Champion
  • USDAA Bronze Relay Champion
  • AKC National Championship Challenge Round 2011
Wonder Videos