May 1995 – June 2008

Spiffy enjoyed her retirement from agility spending her days with a toy in her mouth, watching over her domain. Spiffy is probably best known in USDAA circles for being one of the few Border Collies to rise to Tim Laubach’s uniquely challenging round 2 semi-finals course at the 1997 USDAA Grand Prix National Championships. She went on to become USDAA Grand Prix National Champion that year, edging out her half sister Nifty in the finals.

Spiffy was one of the most consistent dogs in early AKC agility history. She was the first Border Collie to earn an MXJ, and then was the first Border Collie to earn a MACH (sixth dog overall). Spiffy earned a spot on the 1999 AKC/USA World Team.

Everyone knew when Spiffy was on course because she loved to bark as she ran. She would stop barking and appear to hold her breath while on the table, but as soon as she was released she’d be at it again. Spiffy had a sense of humor and was always acting silly, but somehow when it came down to business, in the ring she always got the job done.

Spiffy Accomplishments

  • Represented USA (AKC World Team) at FCI World Championships in Germany 1999
  • AKC National Championship Finalist
  • Highest ranked dog in AKC Agility (F&F stats) 98, 99
  • First Border Collie to earn Master Agility Excellent Jumpers
  • First Border Collie to earn Master Agility Championship
  • USDAA World Champion Grand Prix 1997
  • USDAA Reserve World Champion Veterans Grand Prix 2000
  • USDAA World Championship Grand Prix Finalist (multiple)
  • USDAA Steeplechase Championships Finalist (multiple)
  • USDAA Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award
  • USDAA Top Ten 97, 98, 99
  • USDAA Platinum Snooker Champion
  • USDAA Gold Standard Champion
  • USDAA Gold Jumpers Champion
  • USDAA Silver Relay Champion
  • USDAA Silver Gamblers Champion
  • USDAA Bronze Agility Dog Champion
  • USDAA Bronze Tournament Master
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